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Creating A Personal Memorial

For over 66 years we have been assisting families with the creation of personalized memorials.  We work directly with granite quarries and the finest manufactures in the United States and Canada, which allows us to offer the best product at the very best price.

We offer four distinctive types of memorials:

Upright Monuments   Slant Markers   Flush Markers   Mausoleums
Each memorial comes with our personal guarantee of quality. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to creating a unique and lasting tribute:

1. Determine if cemetery regulations govern the type and/or size of the memorial and if there is any design restrictions.

2. Reflect on the uniqueness of the person and/or persons who will be memorialized and select a fitting design.  From simple sandblast carvings to elaborate color etchings, the essence of a life can be beautifully commemorated. 

3. Consider different shapes for the memorial. The proper shape will complement your selected design and create a distinctive appearance.     

4. Select a type of granite. There is a wide variety of granites to choose from, offering many different colors and grain patterns. 

5. Choose a finish. Granite can be crafted to a high gloss finish, to achieve a contemporary appearance or can be given a matte or rough rock pitch texture, in keeping with a more traditional look.

Our Restoration Services

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