Rental Caskets   


For services that are followed by cremation.

A fairly new concept, the Rental Casket is a specially crafted unit that facilitates an inner simple container to hold the body. The casket itself acts as a "shell" around this container making it suitable for public visitation and viewing.  The casket can also be used for a church service and friends and family are welcome to act as pallbearers, as they would with a traditional casket.


After the funeral service, the funeral director removes the inner container from the outer casket shell. The inner container holding the body is then transported to the crematorium.

The outer casket is reused for a number of services. Eventually the casket reaches a point of wear and it is destroyed. Because its usage is limited, the rental casket is replaced after a relatively small number of uses. However, due to the reusable nature of these units they can be also appreciated by families with environmental concerns.  

Rental Casket with Cremation Insert
Casket shell is made of solid Oak...more info

There is also a full line of Cremation Caskets that can be purchased.

Cremation Caskets



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