Stainless Steel   


Adding chromium and nickel to ordinary steel yields a metal with extraordinary properties.  Stainless Steel is used to protect valuable equipment in the harshest environments.  This remarkable metal resists the elements with exceptional strength and durability.

Most Stainless Steel caskets features high quality velvet interiors and beautiful paint and brushed finishes.

Colonial Pewter Finish
Grey Cloud Velvet Interior...more info

Monarch Blue Finish
Light Blue Velvet Interior
...more info

Centura Silver Rose
Silver Rose Shaded White Finish
Ice Pink Velvet Interior
Embroidered Floral Panel
...more info

The caskets presented are just a few, of literally hundreds that are available. We furnish caskets by the leading companies in the country.  If you have any questions or would like to view other models that are available please contact us.
1604 Grant Blvd.
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-474-1427

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