“A Wonderful Family Owned Funeral Home - They make sure everything is just right”  

This is a family owned and operated funeral home that has been around since I was a kid.

The home provides plenty of parking and has undergone renovations recently inside and out.  The home itself is not huge, but it is tastefully decorated and extremely comforting in times of grief.

The staff, most of whom are Carter brothers, are excellent. They help from the planning process to the funeral and make sure everything is exactly as you want it for your loved one.

Just about all my relatives were handled by Carter's, including my mother. Her wake was of very special importance to us and we needed to be sure everything was exact and it was. The Carters knew my mom and our family for years because we lived near the funeral home when I was growing up. They worked to make her wake the special, beautiful one she deserved. We had our own music and our own set of rules and they abided by. 

They were warm and so caring at such a terrible time.  Although it was a very sad event, we left the wake and funeral knowing we gave our mom the very best send off into the next world.

I highly recommend Carter Funeral Home. They are not exorbitantly priced and will work with you and your budget. They have a full selection of caskets on site, which sounds maudlin but do you want to go running around looking for that sort of thing in a time of grief? They also have headstones if you choose to buy one from them (we didn't).

They take care of all the details and they make sure you know exactly what everything costs as you go along. It may seem silly to talk about cost at such a time, but the fact is, wakes and funerals are very costly and those without a lot of life insurance to use need to watch their costs.

We managed to have a beautiful, touching, and special wake and funeral for my mother at a price that was by no means inflated or riddled with hidden charges. Everything was spelled out for us.

The sincerity of the Carter's can't be beat.

Patty T.

Posted 06/05/2005 on an independent review site for local businesses.

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1604 Grant Blvd.
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-474-1427

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