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Joseph J. Carter, with the assistance of his father, Joseph T. Carter, who was a retired City of Syracuse motorcycle patrolman, established Carter Funeral Home in 1950.  Joseph J. was a life resident of Syracuse and received his degree in Mortuary Science from Simmons Institute of Funeral Service in Syracuse.  

The business has always been a "family business".  In the beginning, the business served as a place of business, as well as a home for many members of the Carter Family.  Joseph J. and his wife, the former, Barbara Knobel, raised three children while living at the funeral home and moved just three homes down the street when their fourth child was born.  Over the years, many members of the family have contributed at various levels to the services entrusted to the funeral home.  Thomas E. Carter, the brother of Joe, joined the firm after graduating from Simmons Institute of Funeral Service and served families for over 25 years, before retiring in 2000.

Today, the proud tradition continues with Joe's sons, Joseph K. "Pete" and James C. "Jim".  Both are graduates of Simmons Institute of Funeral Service and have been serving families at the funeral home since 1992.

Joe's easy going and down to earth manner is fondly remembered to this day. He had a great understanding and respect of people and served families with integrity, often putting people before profit.  He had a great commitment to the local community and believed in the importance of supporting other area small businesses.  Joe was a firm believer of putting money back into the business to better serve client families.  For over 50 years, with the leadership of Joe, and the dedication of the entire family, the funeral home has evolved into a modern and progressive business.


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